AI Powered Monitoring Platform.

Let AI do it for you

Real time unified insights of all your data across complex and dynamic architectures allow you to eliminate blind spots.

Move from reactive to proactive. Identify issues before they impact your business with our AI driven incident forecasting.

Focus on innovating! Save time and money with our AI by automating the most complex tasks in IT Operations.

Our AI pinpoints the root cause of incidents in real time so you can have shorter resolution times.

With our collaborative workspace teams can work together to resolve an incident and document it.

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approach to Monitoring

Step up the monitoring game and get full visibility of your IT Environments & Uncover situations you previously couldn't see.

We provide

24/7 Automated Application & Infrastructure Monitoring

Assure a 24/7 deep intelligent monitoring by our state-of-the-art AI algorithms

Advanced Observability

No more blindspots! Our platform will uncover issues that would go unnoticed otherwise, and will help you understand their impact!

Autonomous Anomaly Detection & Correlation

Our advanced AI Algorithms are built from the ground up to autonomously monitor, analyse and correlate 100% of your data in real time to drastically enhance the performance and reliability of your IT

Accelerate Incident Resolution

See all your data in context, including metrics, logs, traces and take advantage of our AI that learns from past incidents to recycle knowledge and give you with the right answers to reduce the resolution time

Predictive insights leveraging advanced Forecasting

Move from reactive to proactive. We help you predicting incidents and reducing outages

The Solution is AIOps

Step up the monitoring game and get full visibility of your IT Environments.

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Our product

Out-of-the-box monitoring

Due to our advanced unsupervised AI, you can integrate our platform with your cloud provider and start taking advantage of the ultimate monitoring in the game with 0 setup needed!

Automated Anomaly Detection

Fully autonomous monitoring of all your data.

Noise Reduction

Reduce noise and alert fatigue by correlating different alerts, relating changes to incidents and prioritizing anomalies.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Eliminate the chaos of war rooms and blame games with the assistance of our AI that pinpoints the root cause of the issues.

Cross-team collaboration & Knowledge Recycle

Leverage our collaborative workspace so that your teams can have a unique source of truth to document the resolution steps while investing and resolving incident.

AI driven Resolution Steps

Our AI learns the most adequate resolution steps based on the previous similar incidents that have occurred.

State of the Art machine learning techniques to learn your applications' behaviour

Every second the platform is autonomously performing intelligent monitoring without human intervention and will identify anomalies, correlating them and alerting the right teams to address only the problems that need addressing in real-time.




anomalies found


anomalies with high impact score


Correlated incidents and their Root Cause detected.


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